Liturgy & Worship

We are always looking for new Readers and Extraordinary Minsters of the Eucharist so if you would like to volunteer for these ministries please contact the parish offices.

The Reader of the Word of God:

(sometimes called a Lector or minister of God’s Word is the person who proclaims the first and second reading at Mass and the Prayers of the Faithful. This ministry requires a person with good character and serious about the practice of their faith. Readers who believe that sacred scripture is the word of God and have respect for God’s presence in that word will help to convey these beliefs to the congregation. The reader has an appreciation that he or she is proclaiming God’s word and that when this word is read with clarity, sincerity and conviction it has the power to touch lives and change hearts.

Communion to the Sick Ministry

This ministry involves visiting and bringing Communion to those who are ill at home and are unable to join the worshipping community at Mass. The person needs to be caring and compassionate and show mercy and patience to the elderly and vulnerable.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

assists the priest in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass.

The person who is a minister of Holy Communion strives to be worthy of this ministry by fostering their own devotion to the Eucharist and shows an example to the rest of the faithful by their own devotion and reverence towards this most Holy Sacrament.